The School of Social Sciences has been very fortunate with the donations by several individuals and groups to scholarship funds for NSU's Social Sciences students. These individuals and groups recognized the importance social sciences to society. We wish to take this opportunity to thank the Kyser family, the Loftin family, the Dick Payne family, and the Police Jury Association for the donations that made these scholarships possible.


John, Thelma, and Janet Kyser Endowed Scholarship (applications must be postmarked no later than April 1 of year the student will enter as a freshman at NSU)


Marion "Red" Loftin Endowed Scholarship (deadline May 1)


Police Jury Association of Louisiana Scholarship (deadline February 15th of the student's senior year at NSU)


Dick S. Payne Scholarship (deadline February 15 of the student's sophomore or junior year)

The Kyser and Loftin Scholarships are for four years and incoming freshmen are encouraged to apply. The Police Jury and Payne scholarships are designed to assist upperclassmen to complete their college studies. Students are encouraged to contact the school for information about these scholarships.


Additional scholarship opportunities exist from a variety of sources for students pursuing a Social Sciences related discipline.



Phi Alpha Theta is the International History Honor Society